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Tables, stools, coat stands

Tables, workshop chairs, cashier seating, stools, coat stands… Two models of modular tables:
Aluminium grey or black legs at very competitive prices

Gary Réf - 9911
Stool with polycarbonate seat black or white
145,00 € HT
Noa Réf - 9913
Stool in transparent polycarbonate
155,00 € HT
Bill Réf - 9904
Technical sit & stand chair
240,00 € HT
Elliot Réf - 9925
Synchronous high stool 4 lockable positions
260,00 € HT
Terry Réf - 9930
Technical chair in polyurethane breathable black, very resistant
334,00 € HT
Tess Réf - 9920
Asynchronous technical chair lockable in all positions in black breathable polyurethane, very resistant
298,00 € HT
Léo Réf - 9503
Multi-use stool in black polyurethane
212,00 € HT
Joe Réf - 9906
Stool with black leatherette seat Ø 40 cm
92,00 € HT
Cindy Réf - 3352
Folding hoockable chair in steel
30,00 € HT
Laurie Réf - 3372
Folding hoockable chair in steel
35,00 € HT
Fred Réf - 9902
Sit & stand stool with seat in black polyurethane
134,00 € HT
Table light 183×77
Table light 183×77 Réf - 9532
Folding stackable table 183 x 77 cm
98,00 € HT
Mange-debout Réf - 9700
Table height 103 cm, round top
260,00 € HT
Poly table grey 180×80
Poly table grey 180×80 Réf - 9575
Grey table top aluminium-coloured legs
162,00 € HT
Table poly grey 160×80
Table poly grey 160×80 Réf - 9570
Grey table top, aluminium coloured legs
139,00 € HT
Table poly grey 140×70
Table poly grey 140×70 Réf - 9569
Grey table top, aluminium-coloured legs
124,00 € HT
Table poly grey 120×60
Table poly grey 120×60 Réf - 9571
Grey table top, aluminium-coloured legs
104,00 € HT
Table poly beech 180×80
Table poly beech 180×80 Réf - 9576
Beech coloured table top black legs
162,00 € HT
Table poly beech 160×80
Table poly beech 160×80 Réf - 9574
Beech-coloured tabletop, black legs
139,00 € HT
Table Poly beech 140×70
Table Poly beech 140×70 Réf - 9573
Beech-coloured tabletop, black legs
124,00 € HT
Table Poly beech 120×60
Table Poly beech 120×60 Réf - 9572
Beech-coloured tabletop, black legs
104,00 € HT
Simon Réf - 9120
Black tube coat stand
58,00 € HT
Vincent Réf - 9140
Aluminium tube coat stand
72,00 € HT
Oscar Réf - 9150
Black tube coat stand
66,00 € HT
Mesh operators chairs

The chairs Denzel, Parker, Andy, Hari,
and Yvan are photographed with
colour mesh backs with matching
fabric seats. It’s a SITEK speciality. What’s more, you can create original combinations with 6 colour meshes (+ black) and 24 colours of Mirage fabric.

Typist operators chair

SITEK offers high-quality chairs.
We use the best components, bases, and arms in nylon and high-density foam, injected in the shape of a mould and not cut from a block. We use the best mechanical parts on the market. Our fabric is tested at 100,000 cycles and has an M1 fire rating in addition to the European standard EN 1021-1-2.

Reception, waiting room and visitors

As for mesh operator chairs, the
visitors Lena, Geri, Sacha, and Barclay
allow you to match 6 colours
of mesh backs with fabric seats
or create your own combinations
from the range of 24 colours.

Seats in polypropylene and polycarbonate

Our polycarbonate seats use a technology that is recent and sophisticated: gas injection. The material is pushed by high-pressure nitrogen so that a channel forms like an air tube in the base. Perfect shape with very high rigidity and resistance. This process is essential for chairs in transparent materials for example, which, as you will see, pass a series of tests.

Executive and visitor armchairs

Executive and visitor armchairs in leather, imitation leather. All our leather chairs are made with superior quality
Italian leathers.

Tables, stools, coat stands

Tables, workshop chairs, cashier seating, stools, coat stands… Two models of modular tables:
Aluminium grey or black legs at very competitive prices

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