About Us

The origins of SITEK go back a very long time… I was still a student, can you imagine? 😉

At the time, I was in law school. Suffice to say that I spent a lot of time sitting… Whether on the lecture hall benches or in my small room to revise my lessons, the observation was the same: these seats were really not comfortable!

I did not see myself on this type of seat throughout my career. I already imagined myself returning at 40 from work with a sore back and tense shoulders.
It was out of the question!

That’s how I became interested in office chairs and their ergonomics. As I was already passionate about design, working in an Italian furniture company combined my two centers of interest.
I had found what I was looking for in terms of design and comfort, but a new problem arose: the delay. Between the order and the delivery, it took 4 to 5 weeks (if everything went well!).

The idea of ​​my new business was born: I was going to create a solution combining design, comfort and fast delivery times. That’s how I decided to sell my furniture company in Paris to focus only on office chairs in B2B. SITEK was born! A smaller company, located in the provinces, with a family spirit. With SITEK, I found the solution to offer ergonomic, quality seats that are available quickly. And all in a good mood!

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